Drama facilitation for children, teens and adults

As a facilitator I design plans, guide and manage group settings to achieve a goal through the medium of drama and with arts organisations. I conduct workshops, classes and facilitation where I teach acting technique, performance, creative responsibility and facilitate discussions focused on artist development and equity.

Amplified Arts Academy

Delivered empowering performing arts training to talented young people across London. I taught acting and directed students ages 7-21. With emphasis on developing skills and inspiring confidence in my students we develop highly skilled artists and enthusiastic contributors to society. 

Talawa Theatre: Diversity and Unconscious Bias Training

This programme is part of Talawa Theatres community engagement. We deliver training to adult staff teams and students in established organisations. Including a mixture of training sessions unpacking and addressing the languages and behaviours of unconscious bias and cultural diversity I provide a focused solution. These sessions are delivered online and in-person. 

Dorcas is good at building rapport with students and providing encouragement for each individual to achieve their very best. She communicates well and her extensive knowledge and love for acting and the theatre serves to inspire others.

Julia Davies, Amplified Arts Academy, Manager

Dorcas approaches the rehearsal room with clarity, confidence, grace and consideration for everyone in the room. She is professional and continually raises the bar. She is a real asset to the creative process.

Nicole Acquah, Amplified Arts Academy, Teacher

Looking for an innovative and experienced drama workshop leader?

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