Hope & Worth

They say music is the food of love...

Band front man Trent Worth has just walked off stage in the middle of his set. His manager, sick of his erratic behaviour, forces him to get help or kiss his life of privilege and the career that comes with it goodbye. Therapist Nora Hope has been having nightmares of her ex-husband and the life she once had, the only thing making her waking moments bearable is her love for her job.

So when the celebrity goes to seek rehabilitation with the no nonsense therapist, he leaves with more questions than answers.

What happens when the line between professional and personal becomes blurred?

D.A. Stevens debut novel is a romantic page turner about healing, new love and inter-racial dating under the public eye.



Captivating. Loved every word of ‘Hope and Worth’. it was beautifully written and so full of passion.

Kimberly, 5 stars

A heartwarming read… An engaging story, with elements of humor, drama and suspense.

Sakura, 5 stars

A most enjoyable read and the title says it all. I really wanted to keep going to the end.

Phillipa Hawley, 4 stars

If you love romance, then this is the novel for you.


I absolutely love it. Loved the level of detail and the fresh approach [to] exploring emotional healing in connection to romance. 


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